HIVE Virtual Enterprise is not just a cloud out there on the web. HIVE is a complete enterprise when you need it, wherever you need it. Anywhere in the world!


The goal in creating HIVE was to offer a simple way to get to what you are used to seeing. Not a web Operating System, Not some web site, but your Windows 7, MAC, or Linux Operating Systems. With all your applications, either streaming direct at lightning speeds or on your full desktop. Picture this. Bob, the CEO wants to send a proposal before he jumps on a flight, but does not have time to log into the server using a Remote Desktop, Fumble through login after login, app after app. HIVE gives you a direct point of access. Within seconds, Bob opens the proposal and has it out to the client before the plane even pushes off…This is why HIVE Virtual Private Cloud is revolutionizing the way you operate your business!

The HIVE Office


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