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Lightpath Technologies, Inc.

Total Users: 175
Revenue: Third Quarter of Fiscal 2010 is $2.7 million

Lightpath Technologies came to us several years ago to provide them with premium IT services. Throughout the years, we provided support for Lightpath, then we reduced their entire operations from 56 servers down to just 4. We then virtualized their servers and provided them with our HIVE component.


Lightpath also has a Shanghai, China facility that utilizes the HIVE solution from China to Orlando, direct over the internet. All through a secure VPN tunnel. This saved them over 50% on the standard IT operating expenses. Additionally, this provided their China facility with a comprehensive way to manage their resources, and increase productivity.


From the CEO of Lightpath, Jim Gaynor:

We have increased our production rates in China resulting in a 22% increase in revenue for the third quarter compared to the second quarter of the current fiscal year.


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