We have taken all necessary steps to ensure this solution is rock-solid. Each user connects to our data centers via Secure Socket Layer, Virtual Private Network (SSL VPN). A user has a specific set of permissions that is provided to us from your organization. We add an additional layer of security by adding the content management firewall, which aids in the banning of restricted web sites. All provided to us from your organization. If you dont want any restrictions on web surfing, then we can remove that as well. Each HIVE setup comes turned off by default.


Additionally, HIVE is in regulation with all the compliance agencies listed below.




We have 5 datacenters all SAS70 Certified.
Data Center Locations:

One Datacenter in Orlando, FL (Primary)

Primary 1 Status:  ACTIVE


Four Datacenters in Michigan (Failovers)
Failover 1 Status:  ACTIVE 
Failover 2 Status:  ACTIVE 
Failover 3 Status:  ACTIVE 
Failover 4 Status:  ACTIVE


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