The low-down on HIVE Virtual Private Cloud?

HIVE Virtual Private Cloud is a revolutionary, proprietary engineered secure cloud-computing solution that eliminates all the headaches of your normal IT regimen. We take the main variable out of the equation that costs companies the most to maintain and manage, the desktop computer or laptop. We have eliminated the desktop PC without affecting the experience to the user, all from a secure hosted server. There are many flavors of cloud computing; SaaS (Software as a Service), DaaS (Database as a Service), PaaS (Platform as a Service), and so on. Our HIVE Virtual Private Cloud is an IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Let us build your private cloud in the public cloud.

Will HIVE work for My Business?

Virtual Private Cloud is a revolutionary idea that technology has finally caught up with and will work in just about any business situation. Give HIVE a 30 day free trial.
No more servers.
No more desktop computers.
No more software updates.
No more on-site backups.
No more firewall headaches.
No more messy server rooms.
No more surprise costs.
No more physical office required.
No more IT guy.
So relax and say hi to HIVE

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